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Buzz is currently working a novel and some radio plays but, as he misses you all so much, he's coming out to play with Billy and the Bradshaws in venues near you soon
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Book January 2015 Joy says

Our son, John, bought us tickets for xmas to see the Bradshaws show in Middleton, before my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Ash was really poorly with breathing problems and we weren't sure if he'd make it to the show, but he did, and that's where we saw you! It was a great show. I was watching my husband and he was laughing and forgetting his cancer diagnosis and all thought of the impending awful operation which will take away his speech went out of our minds for the evening. Thank you so much for giving us this one special night of fun to forget our troubles. I was hoping Ash could meet Buzz Hawkins but after the show finished Ash was very tired and we had a lift. Such a shame because he's have loved to have met him. Best wishes, JOY

Book February 2013 Ruth Tickle says

Listened to the radio 4 broadcast. Why have I never heard of the Bradshaws before now? Hilarious! Is there a tour planned? Played the podcast to my husband and he even stopped watching the cricket to listen to it! Brilliant!

Book February 2013 Mary Fisher of Leeds comments

Hello, my confession is that I've never heard of the Bradshaws until this afternoon (the Radio 4 programme). My loss ...

Book February 2013 Clare Abbatt asks

Do you have a mailing list? If so, could you please put me on it as I'd like news of your 2013 tour. Loved the BBC Radio 4 programme just now (25 Feb) about Buzz Hawkins and The Bradshaws. Thank you

Thanks Clare. We'll put you on the mailing list right away ~ Bradshaws Team

Book February 2013 Pete Smith (writing to the BBC)

I've wondered for a long time now, what could Radio 4 add to the schedule to compliment great shows like, 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue', 'just a minute' and, the most recent addition to my favourites, 'The Count Arthur Strong Radio Show', when Monday evening's Radio 4 Documentary on the enormous talent that is Buzz Hawkins answered my long standing question - the Bradshaws! What an amazing piece of entertainment. Surely one man who can put a show like this together without a huge production team (and budget) must be the answer to The BBC's dreams in these days of demands for blanket twenty percent reductions. Without any loss of artistic quality either! A very funny and warming show. I bet Buzz even lives close to media city in Salford as well (made for each other, it's karma!) Get cracking BBC! And at the risk of sounding like a balloon. Don't let me down!

Book February 2013 John Paul Moore, London writes

Dear Buzz, I've just listened to the Radio 4 "30 Years of the Bradshaws", presented by John Henshaw. I thought the BBC did a good job of it.

I still listen to your show on my CD collection often. For me, The Bradshaws are no less real than my own affectionate views of the North West. I grew up in Lytham St Annes, the eldest of three lads: parents' from Stockport and grandparents from Gorton. So I always love how similar The Bradshaws are to my own parents' and grandparents' accounts of outside lavs, pea-soup foggy nights, and wanting a new football (or "casey" as we call 'em). I work away in Africa a good deal and never fail to pack a few episodes when I travel. Please do keep up the excellent work. I look forward to listening one day to the 50 year anniversary show. My very best wishes

Book February 2013 Pippa at iTalk FM, Spain says

Hola Buzz, this is wonderful. Just listened to BBC R4 programme and so glad that you have been spot-lighted thus. Very well deserved. Kindest regards.

Book February 2013 Keith Jamieson writes

How much I enjoyed your radio show 'The Bradshaws - 30 Years'.It was really refreshing to hear a quality programme with really good humour suitable for all the family - a rarety in today's society, and even more scarce amongst all the dross on TV & Radio in today's digital age. The Bradshaws should be made for Prime TV on a mainstream TV Network.

Book February 2013 Steve Earle says

Buzz, Just listened to your tribute on Radio 4, about bloody time!Great to hear the praise and accolades from your loyal following. Keep going mate! It's the funniest thing about, and has been for yonks! You used to give me guitar lessons over 35 years ago - blimey! All the best

Book February 2013 Olive Awbery writes

Re the programme '30 years of the Bradshaws' on BBC Radio 4: I have managed to listen to it on iPlayer and it is brilliant to hear. I do hope you succeed in your quest to widen your audience - they simply don't know what they are missing! I live in hope of one day seeing one of your live shows, my husband is also a huge fan. We live in the Clitheroe area (I am originally from Clayton-le-Moors where the Bradshaw's conversations are still heard daily!) Do you perform anywhere near there? All good wishes

Book February 2013 Paul Beaumont of Glossop says

Congratulations on the BBC 4 programme yesterday. It was a great show and ringing praise of a superb creation. When it comes to comedy, you don't get higher praise than kind and positive comments from Peter Kay.

Book February 2013 John & Peter of Stockport say

Just a quick message to say that I listened to the Radio 4 programme today (as did my Dad - now aged 77, who loves The Bradshaws as much as me) and we both loved it! We've both told the BBC via their website that we loved it, as well! We can't wait for new Bradshaws episodes, as we've almost worn out the 25 CD sets we each have! Many thanks again for such amazing stories! Kindest regards.

Book February 2013 Derek Hinchliffe writes

Just watched you on the radio. I had forgotton how much I enjoyed your company. Keep in touch about concerts. Derek. PS where is my bloody guitar? HA HA!

Book February 2013 Martin Spencer says

BBC4 programme, it was amazing! Please bring the bradshaws to TV as a cartoon. Also have you any tour date news? I really wana see the Bradshaws live! Best wishes

Book February 2013 WENDY ANN GIBSON

I have had one of the Bradshaws Collection booklets in the past but someone pinched it off me, so could I please have two so dont have to give up mine? Thanks
P.S. keep up the good work. I have seen a show and it was worth paying the money for. It was amazing from start to end - and before. Making paper airplanes was an ingenius idea. What made me laugh was that there was more adults making and throwing than kids!

Cheeky!.. oh go on then! ~ Bradshaws Team

Book February 2013 Jonathan Foulkes writes

Hi there buzz I am Jonathan and currently training to deploy to Afghanistan and was wandering how I do get hold of a box set or the complete series from you I used to watch the tv show many years back. I would be grateful if you could help out. Meanwhile I'd love a free collection booklet

Book February 2013 Katherine Birkett says

Well, bless my liver and honions - you're on Facebook! Thanks to Martin Kelner's old late-night weekend radio show on BBC Radio Leeds, I've become a fan of Audrey, Alf and Billy. I've always meant to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and write a short fiction story about them. Perhaps in January after the festivities are over? The first piece of Bradshaws I ever heard from Kelner's programme was the 'Can I 'Ave a Budgie?' extract, and I've been laughing since then!!! I would be delighted to have you as a Facebook friend, so I can go tell Michael Morris and Billy - they'd be dead chuffed!

Book February 2013 James Pilkington of Bolton FM asks

Hope you can help. We're currently playing the Bradshaws on our daily midmorning show between 9 and 11am. I was wondering whether Buzz would be willing to partake in an interview eith us. And even better if Alf, Audrey and Billy would agree to do a little promo for us that would be brilliant.

With pleasure. Just give me some details and I'll get the family on to it ~ BH

Book February 2013 Sam Graham wrote

Hiya, would you please consider producing a Bradshaw's calendar, diary or year planner? Absolutely love what Buzz created and have been a fan since the Piccadilly Radio days. Keep well. Sam :)

Book May 2011 Pat Broome

Hi Buzz, we really enjoyed your show last night, it was always! Brilliantly funny, you are so talented, but I always knew that!! The cat was hysterical too! I have not laughed so much for ages! There should be more people like you Buzz, the world would be a much happier place, you bring so much fun and laughter, and we all need that! Thanks again for the best and funniest show I have seen for years!!

Book May 2011 Gaynor Vann

Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a FANTASTIC night I had on Saturday at New Mills.. an absolutely amazing giggle. Remembering the Bradshaws from Piccadilly Radio years ago and now listen most days on my way home on High Peak Radio.. Was a bit unsure how it would be delivered.. but you exceeded expectations by far.. Thanks BUZZ.. Have a huge pat on the back.. and I look forwards to your TV fame!!!

Book May 2011 Kaz Bluett

Buzz, me and my hubby saw you last night at The Floral in New Brighton, never laughed so much! We listen to The Bradshaws on Billys show and we love it! Any chance you doing anything Liverpool/Wirral I'm sure you'd get a full house! Loved all the memories you brought to the show! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Hope to see you soon on a theatre by me!

Book April 2011 Neil Gates

Recently saw you at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton, loved it so much I got tickets for Northwich the following week ! Thanks to you & the team for two great shows.
p.s. loved the cat at the back !

Book April 2011 from Yvette

Seen the shows at Poynton and New Mills both fantastic nights. Wish there were more. All the best with the TV show. Cant wait to see it. Keep up the good work.

Book April 2011 Margaret Rawsthorn

Please bring your act to St Helens Theatre Royal. Recently saw you at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton. Fantastic!
Thank you

Book April 2011 James Howarth

Went to watch your live show in New Mills last night, Gottasay it was the most enjoyable show I've been to in a good while. Great laugh with some splendid memories awakened from the days of Piccadilly Radio. Brilliant night and I loved the cat - ha-ha! Good luck with the TV show.

Book April 2011 Ian

Excellent night last night and a MASSIVE thank you for saying Hi to Kieran. He is still talking about it and has told all his friends (in fact anyone who'll listen). He is convinced you will be calling him to play the part of Billy in a TV show but I'm sure he'll forget about that in time. He is now saving his money to buy the CD box set even though he has got a lot of the stuff downloaded through iTunes. At £5 per week it may take him some time but I'm sure he'll get there.
Once again, thanks for a great evening

Book April 2011 Mark Grimshaw

Hiya buzz, you know me, haha.. had my photo took with you at Guide Bridge Theatre.. Awesome performance tonight once again!!! Really enjoyed it :)
Please let me know when the T.T.F.N. tour DVD becomes available, thanks.

Book April 2011 Jenny Roberts

Hi Buzz, just to say what a fabulous show at the Guide Bridge Theatre on Thursday night. Loved every bit of it. Especially the cat!

Book April 2011 Paul Broadhurst

Enjoyed the show at Guide Bridge on Saturday 2nd, could not let it go by with out coming along, hope the rhyme was fitting. All the best for the rest of the tour and your forth coming adventures with the TV. After all it was were it all started all those years ago, and if the budgie does arrive, one for Billy :-

I'm dead feed up, for many a year,
Me dad spent money on fags and beer
Mam said me dad is better that way
When he's back from the pub he's little to say
But me mate's at school, some have a pet
Michael's got a rabbit, never seen a vet
Cause me dad says that pets cost lots of money
I think he's lying, it's not that funny
Me Mam just say's maybe next year
Just have to keep moaning down yer dad's ear
A think it has worked, he's give in you see
He came in last night with a Budgie for me
(I think he won it a cards in the Pub, but am dead happy!
by Paul Broadhurst

Book April 2011 Katherine of Tameside

Hi Buzz, i hope you remember me. When Alistair used to work for you and you were on tour, his freind, my uncle David Taylor, sold merchandise for you. The Bradshaws were like my childhood love and I really wanted to come and see you at Guide Bridge but you're all sold out. Im really gutted. I still have all the tapes Alistair gave me and still love them lol. Anyway I'm emailing because you did a video once and I had it - I'm just wondering if there is a DVD version and how much it is. Hope you're doing well. Hope to speak soon, love Katherine xxx

Book April 2011 Carrie Johnson

My husband got me into the Bradshaws when we first started dating at the tender age of 14, I am now 28 3/4! We used to go and buy the tapes from the little music shop (where a bakery now stands) in Hyde with our weekend spends. We still listen to them for bedtime listening (don't think I have ever heard the end of a tape haha)! Our son now age 6 now loves them and listens to them as his bedtime story tapes. He also has to listen to them every day on the way home from school on Tameside Radio. We booked tickets to your show at Guide Bridge Theatre on Saturday, and to be honest, we didn't really know what to expect. Myself, my husband and my son all had an absolutely fantastic time - we have never laughed so much in ages and we definitely belly laughed off the curry we had just had from the local Indian restaurant - where, I might add, my son had a lovely chicken omelette and stated "now this is what I call proper Indian Food!"

Thank you so much for providing such fantastic entertainment - We all had a truly brilliant night!!
The Johnson Family

Book April 2011 Liz Ashcroft

Just seen the show at Guide Bridge Theatre - what can I say absolutely fantasic. Best night out in a long time.

Book March 2011 Katie Banks

Please try come to Bolton Albert Halls or Manchester! I would so love to see the Bradshaws!! I was just googling to try an get it on DVD an this came up and I got so excited, but it seems to be at places I can't get to :(

Book March 2011 Andrew H says

After 20 years listening to The Bradshaws I saw Buzz in Poynton last week. Great show. What was intended as lads night out with my Dad became a family affair after Mum and sister got wind of it. Still, was fantastic to meet Buzz after the show and a signed CD was well worth it!
All the best with the TV, can't wait!

Book February 2011 John Clews

Saw Buzz at the Plaza Stockport last November in a charity show he was brilliant! Talking to people on the way out they were saying why doesn't he do a show at the Plaza? My grandson still listens to my CD's all the time. Good luck with the tour.

Book September 2010 Sarah-L-B from Stoke says

Hi! I was unable to hang around after the Stoke show, so I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening! It was truly hilarious and both my parents and I had a wonderful time. Do come back soon!

Book September 2010 Marion from Stoke says

Saw the show at Kings hall Stoke on Trent on Saturday 18th september . We thought it was brilliant everybody enjoyed it. Listened to it on our local radio Signal 2 and thought it was funny but the show was great. What a talented man Buzz is .We are hoping you come back to Stoke. Keep up the good work its what everyone needs a good laugh. We all had one.

Book September 2010 Amanda from Manchester asks

I absolutely love the Bradshaws. I remember listening to my first radio performance at 9 yrs old. The performance was "The Snowball!". I am 30 now and still an avid fan. I recently bought the full CD set and am wondering why some of the earlier performances have been changed slightly (they dont rhyme). And also, will any more volumes be available soon?

Book September 2010 Dave from Prestwich asks

Hi Buzz,
firstly I would like to thank you. As in the early 90's, iI was in hospital having a small operation and you sent me a letter, hat, and a tape. That made my day then. I just found it recently. Again big thanks for that. I came to see the Bradshaw's live in the late 90's and it was fantastic, I just wanted to know if the new tour will be like the old one where it's the Bradshaw's first, then you come out and do a live bit? I still remember the show and live band near the end, it was brill. Are all the new live shows the same or are they different? As I will be defo coming to one.
Also I have lots of the old tapes, I have been trying to get hold of vol. 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 do any shops still sell these?
Again thank you, also if you have any goodies or old memorabilia you could send to me, posters, key ring, another letter, comic any stuff really which I could add to my collection this would be great.

Book August 2010 Callum writes

Hi this is Callum again. When is your next concert? We can't wait. Went to the last one, it was brill. I went with my mum in my wheelchair. Lots of love Callum.

Book July 2010 Andy Wyatt writes

Grew up with Bradshaws an love it still now. Timeless. X

Book July 2010 Eric Bishop composed this..

THE BALLAD OF ALF BRADSHAW (to the tune of "Ghost Riders")
Alf Bradshaw is an 'ero, comes from a northern town,
'is wife 'er name is Aud-ery, and often gets him down
their son is little Billy, and 'e always makes us laugh
when Alf falls over toys and such, left out upon the path...
Yippee eye ay, Yippee eye-oh-oh, Bradshaws on the Ray-dee-o
They have an outside lavvy, it stands there in the yard,
Alf goes to read 'is paper there, even tho the seats so 'ard,
but when the winter comes around, the wind blows cold and strong,
'e'll nip out pretty sharpish and 'e won't sit out there long!
Yippee eye ay, Yippee eye-oh-oh, Bradshaws on the Ray-dee-o
Now Alfred is a Martyr to all lifes cares and toils,
'e loves 'is wife so dearly, 'e'd even lance 'er boils,
but even love has limits and there's risks that 'e won't take
so Audreys on 'er own if she sits down upon a snake!!
Yippee eye ay, Yippee eye-oh-oh, Bradshaws on the Ray-dee-o
Now Billy went to 'orspital to 'ave his tonsils out,
'is parents went to see 'im but 'e were still knocked out,
and Alf the loving parent said we won't disturb 'is dream,
'e won't feel much like eatin' so I'll 'ave 'is ice cream.
> Yippee eye ay, Yippee eye-oh-oh, Bradshaws on the Ray-dee-o
Now Audrey 'as a probalem, it's really quite absurd,
she tries to say a sentence but picks on the wrong word,
and alf 'e was in trouble and 'e should be castigated,
but 'e got really worried when told 'e'd be castrated!!!
Yippee eye ay, Yippee eye-oh-oh, Bradshaws on the Ray-dee-o
by Eric Bishop

Book May 2010 Jak writes

Hi, I just love the Bradshaws, I listened to a song on this website called THE STRANGER DANGER SONG, where can I find the music video of THE STRANGER DANGER SONG?

Hallo Jak. We're rooting about trying to find the masters for Billy Bradshaw's Stranger Danger Video that Buzz made a few years ago. It may be in that cardboard box under Uncle Wally One-Ball's bed. When we unearth it we'll covert it to DVD and let you know. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book May 2010 Mark says

Hello Buzz and of course Billy. Thanks for a great night at Nelson's new ACE centre, a lovely little theatre, well worth a visit. Just to say I've never laughed as much in a long long time and so did everyone around me, including my grandaughter Grace who is 7 nearly 8!! Where can we see you and the Bradshaws again in 2010 before Billy's 8 nearly 9? Thanks once again for a great evening. The Browns of Barnoldswick

Thanks Mark and family. I'm just working on an autumn tour and hopefully will find a venue in your neck of the woods. Meanwhile, I trust young Grace (lovely name, by the way) hasn't been asking too many questions since the show? ~ BH

Book May 2010 James Booth writes

This may be a random question, but for the last couple of days I've had a song in my head about a bingo caller called Norman (won't go into detail about the song :-) ) and was wondering where it came from. I went to see Buzz many years ago in Droylsden, Tameside, and think it may have come from then. Could you shed any light on this for me? If not, I apologise for wasting your time. Thanks.
(A huge Bradshaws fan)

No apology necessary James. I think the song driving you mad could be 'Norman's Balls'. I haven't sung it for ages but it's already on the list of tracks going on my new CD 'Catchy Choruses & Daft Bits'. So thanks for giving me the opportunity of mentioning it! ~ BH

Book May 2010 Marjie Rooney

Hi Could you please tell me when you will be appearing in the Merseyside area again? I can't wait to see you again. Thanks.

Thanks for asking Marjie. In Merseyside there are two shows booked in September with BBC Merseyside's Billy Butler and Wally: the Gladstone Theatre - Port Sunlight, and the Brindley Centre - St Helens. And then Buzz's One-Man Show is at the Theatre Royal, St Helens on 29th October. We'll put the details on the GIG section soon. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book April 2010 Joan McIvor from Ossie (not Australia but Oswaltwistle)

Hi Buzz. We love the Bradshaws. I had to buy the full CD collection because my grandchildren are now avid listeners. We play them every time we pick them up. (ages 8 and 11). We are going to bring them to the show at the Ace Centre. We have never seen Bradshaws 'live' so we are looking forward to it. Have you thought about the Bradshaws going on a day trip to Darwen? (Not to be confused with Darwin, Australia) and visiting The Jubilee Tower. He could collect wimberry, and Ma could make a pie. Regards

Book May 2010 Joan writes

We (me 'n grandson Nathan) thoroughly enjoyed the show at the Ace Centre, Nelson. May we wish you every success with the TV shows!

Thank you Joan. It was good to meet you. It's fun being daft, isn't it? ~ BH

Book March 2010 John Bailey

Dear Mr Hawkins, I recently came into possesion of about 200 episodes of the Bradshaws (they were my brother-in-laws who sadly passed away ). I do a show for Radio Warrington, a local community radio station and I wonder, with your kind permission, could I play them on my show? Obviously we are not rolling in money as we are self-financed and run by volunteers. I would obviously give credit to your good self for letting us use them, but if its not possible there would be no hard feelings on our part. Yours hopefully.. (The Bradshaws rule !!!)

Dear John, of course you can play the stories (even if you are not rolling in money). I'm  happy to know that you will give me the occasional credit (which is more than many of the others do - end of brief whinge). And point your lovely listeners to the website please. Happy broadcasting! ~ BH

Book March 2010 Julia Astley asks

Hello. I am a committee member of the Ulnes Walton WI. Next year it will be our group's turn to host the annual group meeting where approximately 100 W.I. Ladies will be present, and we would love to book you to entertain us for the evening. Regards

I would love to join you ladies. Stay in touch! ~ BH

Book February 2010 Geoff Mills bemoans

Dear Buzz and the Bradshaws. After being fans for more than a decade including our son Thomas from the age of 6 (he is now 15) and listening to and buying millions of cassettes We are tremendously dissapointed to find out that during the process of trying to buy tickets for your upcoming gig at the Cresta Court Hotel Altrincham we were informed the gig was not for under 18's. Our son is distraught at the prosoect of yet again missing out at seeing and being in the midst of one of his idols.And we as parents are also dissilusioned that you are blocking out some of your admiring public. Regards, (Unhappy Millsies)

I'm sorry Geoff and the Millsies. Sometimes venues do have a non-minors policy - probably something to do with selling dirty beer. Mind you, most theatres sell dirty beer too, and they usually welcome under-eighteens, so I don't get it either. Don't give up though. Just check the EVENTS section regularly and I'll ask the team to mark up whether or not venues have any restrictive rules. Meanwhile, please say hello to Thomas from me ~ BH

Book February 2010 Marie Kelly

Hello. I am wondering when the next performance is in the Manchester/Warrington area. Please could you inform me of dates and venues?

Thanks for asking Marie. Just have a look on the EVENTS section for future events. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book February 2010 Matthew wants to know

Who are the real voices behind the characters the Bradshaws on the Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside? Thanks. Matthew

After twenty-eight years on the radio Buzz Hawkins is still a mystery to all of us! ~ Bradshaws Team

Book February 2010 Stephen Lewis asks

Hello. I'm hoping you can help me. I'd like to get the original recordings of the Bradshaws series. I used to have the first 7 on tape and would now like to get them on CD or download. However, after downloading a couple of episodes from itunes to my ipod i noticed they are different. I'd really like the original recordings (for nostalgic purposes!)and am hoping you can help! Thanks

Hallo Stephen. We may have just a few of the original six-pack cassette sets (vols 1 to 6). Call the studio on 01457 238447 and we might be able to work something out for you. Argos sell a lttle cassette-to-MP3 converter so it would be a doddle to put them on to your iPod. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book February 2010 Anna Jackson writes

I just want to say I had a fantastic night in Blackburn when we saw Billy. I had my picture taken with Buzz Hawkins after the show, I will treasure this photo always. Is it not possible for someone to make small Billy Bradshaws? I'm sure they would sell like hot cakes. What do you think ? Best Wishes

A good idea Anna. Anybody out there good at making small Billy Bradshaws? ~ Bradshaws Team

Book January 2010 Little Sean and Keff says

Top gig at Blackburn - well on form! Still got the giggles - even the misssus said "what you chucklin' about?" ... shame she has Hoovers Syndome - never stops whining! (text edited for reasons of taste). See you soon Buzz!

Book January 2010 Stuart James asks

Hi, Can you tell me how we go about including some clips from The Bradshaws on Coast FM here in Tenerife? We are the only legit English radio station in the south and I think they would work well on our breakfast show. Regards

Thanks Stuart. You will find three hundred Bradshaws radio stories available on all of the major download Sites and can pick and choose which to broadcast as you go along. We're sure Buzz would be happy to voice a few personalised jingles for you to help the promotion. Just get in touch via CONTACT US page. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book January 2010 Jonathan Spindler

My names Jonathan. I'm a big fan of The Bradshaws. I've been a fan ever since I was little. I went to see two of your shows at the Lowry in Manchester and at the town hall in my hometown of Bolton some years ago and I enjoyed both of them as well as throwing paper planes at the target on the stage. I'm planning on collecting all the CDs of The Bradshaws but I would also love to collect the original cassette tapes too. Sadly I can't find the cassettes anywhere, not even online. I have about 7 of the CDS which I do enjoy alot but it would be really nice to listen to the tapes again as they were a part of my childhood. Thanks for bringing The Bradshaws into the world. I will always enjoy listening to their stories for many years to come. Your big fan

Thanks for asking, Jonathan. I think we have managed to find a few of the original cassette six packs (volumes 1 to 6), so call the studio on 01457 238447 to see if there are any left. Yes, the CD Collection and the original cassette tapes are different, even though they share the same titles and plots. I re-wrote, re-voiced and re-mastered the two- hundred-and-forty Bradshaws stories from the original twenty cassettes and added another sixty to complete the CD Collection. ~ BH

Book January 2010 Andrew, Patricia and Howard Livesey from Feniscowles, Blackburn say

Hi Buzz, Billy, Alf and Audrey. Me (Andrew) and Patricia Livesey are coming to see you on Saturday at the Thwaites Empire in Ewood Blackburn, we came to see you last time and Billy 'talked' to my son Howard on stage if you remember, Howard will be with us again as he loves Billy and all the Bradshaw family, Howard is thirteen and has a disability, he has Aspergers Syndrome - a form of Autism and was thrilled last time when Billy talked him and had a conversation with him. Please could Billy say Hello to Howard on Saturday ? It would make Howards trip a dream come true. We all look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

And we all look forward to seeing you too! ~ Bradshaws team.

Book November 2009 Janet asks

When are you next doing a live show in Cheshire or Manchester? We saw you at the Altrincham Garrick and at the Northwich Memorial Hall - you were fantastic and we would love to come and see you again. Regards, Janet

Thanks Janet. As it happens, because of all the exciting onwards and upwards stuff I'm committed to this year, I'm only playing out a few times in the near future. Check the new GIG LIST page and you'll see the Cheshire venues listed - Poynton, Stockort Town Hall, and Plaza Theatre. Twud be good to see you there! ~ BH

Book November 2009 Alicia Carpenter says

We were driving through the Yorkshire Dales one morning last week and caught little a Billy Bradshaw's Brainbuster competition on one of the local radio stations. Unfortunately we lost the signal and never heard the answer! What stations does Billy go on in the Dales?

It was probably Fresh Radio. They play Billy's Brainbuster competition every morning on their brekky show. They also run the stories everyday. tune in again when you're over there. ~ Bradshaws Team

Book October 2009 Ken Breen from Liverpool says

You refer to 'prem' as a foodstuff. What is 'prem'?

Prem was (is?) a lot like spam. I think 'prem' was short for Pressed ham and the brand was Primula ~ BH

Book September 2009 Gill Beavon says

Hi from the Brindley! Just to say how lovely it was to meet you at the Brindley... I'm so pleased you enjoyed the evening. hope to see you again soon.

Thanks Gill. It's a great venue and I'd love to do a concert there myself. We shall be in touch! ~ BH

BookElliot Gill says

hiya Buzz. I went to your show yesterday at the Hippodrome. It was bazzing! U signed me CD and u were well funny. I liked Billys jokes - Oh yeah and "Hamerica" From your number one fan, Elliot.
PS. Why did we have to make planes?

Because Billy said so. Did you enjoy the planes? Well, that's why you did it! ~ BH

Book Sunderland Sue said

This must be my lucky day. Just found this site by accident. I used to listen to the Bradshaws on Century FM up here but thought that it had finished altogether. Every day we still use the expression - Hi har hew hokay - when texting - together with other daft sayings from the show. Will now get the CDs but would like to ask if there's any chance of getting back on radio up here in the N.E.? Or better still a live show?

Book George from Farnworth said

The Bradshaws are really great keep it up!

Book Bill Thornhill, Aberdare, South Wales said

I have loved the Bradshaws since I first heard them on the Phil Wood Show. So glad I found this site, and that they are available on CD. I would love to see the show. Is there any chance you will be in this neck of the woods in the future? Fanks for all the laffs.

Book John Dry, Stoke-on-Trent said

I listen to the Bradshaws every weekday morning on the Johnny Owen show, on Signal 2 [local radio MW.257]. The daily dose is unmissable for all his listeners. As we humble potteries people think it is absolutely hilarious. So much so that 07:35 (the time it is broadcast), you could not drag me away from the radio. To date the funniest one I have heard is little Billy wanting a budgie. It also reminds me so much of my own childhood days when the simple things in life meant so much. So carry on the good work and carry on making episodes of this BRILLIANT family.

Book Terry Mumford, Eccles, Lancashire said

I just returned home after the show at the Buille Banqueting Hall, in Salford. What a show, absolutely bloody brilliant, anyone out there who has not seen Buzz and his extended family the Bradshaws are in for a super treat. All I have left to say is I laughed and laughed till the tears ran down my legs!

Book Seb Farrell, Warrington, Cheshire said

Talk about Star Struck! I have met some pretty big 'stars' in my time and have always acted very cool, rarely asked for autographs just treat 'them' as normal people, but when Buzz Hawkins came to Parr Hall to put on his fantastic live show, I was completely breathless. I mean this is the man who talked to me through my small tape recorder under my duvet when my parents were arguing and fighting downstairs, the only person who actually made me grin when they got divorced, it was a weird feeling, and still is, closing your eyes and suddenly being transported to a big comfy chair in the Bradshaws home and listening to what goes on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who you have helped to smile when they need to so much.

Book Annie and Stella, Ellesmere Port, said

We love the Bradshaws and Buzz you're the best. I saw your show at the Lowry and it was brilliant. Hopefully we can see you again soon. We think Billy should have a BUDGIE!!

Book Dickie Ticker (oh yeh? - Ed.), Fort William, Scotland said

The Bradshaws are being introduced to the good people of Lochaber, Scotland, via Nevis Radio every weekday lunchtime, and on Saturday mornings as well. Wonderful stuff.

Book Philip Kershaw, Ottawa, CANADA, said

Hi Buzz, I love the series. I've seen your shows many times and still think you should come to the Americas. CANADA will love you. There so many radio programmes here that love the English way of life. You cant go wrong. drop me a line and I will put you in touch. Bye the way, it's great to see City doing well again!

Book Tony Shew, Malaga, SPAIN (originally from Leeds) said

Enjoy the stories very much. Barry Mitchell used to play the tapes on Ondacero International Radio from Marbella. Keep up the good work!

Book John Dutchman-Smith, Chorley said

Great show at the Lowry last night. Haven't laughed so much in ages!

Book and Sandra Young, Manchester said

I went to Lowry 6/9/03 - what a superb, grand, hilarious show, I'm still giggling now - and thought Billy's idea of the planes were just brilliant - I recommend it to anyone!

Book Roy Hughes, Wales said

Brill! Listen to you every week on GMR WOW but would love to see a live show. We have 2 great theatres - one in Rhyl and one in Llandudno. Come on!

Book Teresa Dodd, Ellesmere Port, said

I love to listen to you on Radio Merseyside everyday on the Billy Butler Show and on a Friday night on the Nick Robins Radio Show.

Book Tina, Manchester/London, said

I'm dead dead happy! I found the Bradshaws after years of forgetting to look for the tapes whenever I went back home to Manchester. I love the internet. I just listened to them within seconds of searching!!! I used to listen to the show on the radio in my teens. The Bradshaws remind me of my childhood and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy, 'sigh'. Gonna get the CDs now. I think you're a genius!

Book Lizzie Hughes, Teddington, Middlesex, said

I love The Bradshaws. As a northern exile living down sarf, I like nothing better than putting Bent Cigs and Corn Dog on the video, to remind me of home. And I love Michael Morris, he should have his own spin-off show. Alf's antics crack me up too!

Book John Dickson, Runcorn, Cheshire, said

Congratulations, just recently heard you on local radio, this is the best thing since 'The Likely Lads' it deserves an animated series by Nick Parkes. best wishes.

Book Neil Heaton, Burnley, said

Hi, went to see your show last night at the Burnley Mechanics and found it absolutely wasn't just funny, it brings things back to life, everything is true of what happened years ago, and like you said, there are plenty of Bradshaws about nowadays.. Thanx for a very entertaining night and I for one will pass my comments to other people to go and watch your show when its on in the area.

Book Chris Steibelt, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said

Mike Greaves is one of the better DJ's out here who introduced me to The Bradshaws on his Thursday morning show. I was driving out to Jebel Ali on one of the most dangerous roads in the world and had difficulty concentrating on my driving - I was in stitches. Has to be one of the highlights of the week's radio!

Book Mike Neary, Radcliffe, Manchester, said

Hiya.. Can Billy play out?.. Well can I come round then?.. Oh well see you next time!.

Book Pat Shepherd, Buckley, North Wales, said

I have just returned home from the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe. I watched Billy and family with uncle Buzz . It was fantastic. I went with my sisters Ann and Doreen and my Hanty Hedna.. we have not laughed so much for ages. Fantastic show. Will certainly go to see again to hear the things missed with all the laughing!

Book David Royal, Newcastle, said

'The Bradshaws' is absolutely brilliant. I'm only 15 but I love findin' out about the holden days. Well done Buzz and thanks for hours of entertainment.
P.S. When are you next coming to Newcastle?

Book Stephanie Driscoll, Haslingden, England, said

I adore the Bradshaws! They make me laugh every time I hear them. I have nearly all the tapes, and I listen out for them on the radio. I am only 15, yet I know it off by heart! Please keep The Bradshaws comin'
Love Steph
P.S. I'm comin' to see you on tour! It should be great!

Book Arnold Thudpucker (exiled Scouser), Southport, lied

At 107 years of age and after a competitive game of squash The Bradshaws are what I need to unwind before taking the youngest (twins) to playschool.

Book Andy H, Manchester, said

Superb. First heard on Phil Wood Show as a kid, it always takes me back to my own carefree childhood days in an Old Trafford Terrace. Thank you Buzz. Pure genius. Bout time you made it big mate.

Book Paul Iliffe,Leicester, UK, said

I am a truck driver and frequently catch the Bradshaws on BBC Lancs with Nick Robbins, I am in stitches on my travels up and down the M6 listening to the broadcasts. Keep it up Buzz, you are brilliant.

Book Julie and David Skeath, NW America, said

We became acquainted with the Bradshaws, we're ashamed to say, AFTER we left England in 1994. Our friend had a Bradshaw tape, which we copied, shared and enjoyed with all members of our family here! A niece, who lives in Bolton, managed to obtain tapes 10, 11 and 12 and mailed them out to us. We've had those copied onto CD's, since that original Bradshaw tape is worn out now! Being Ex-pats, living in NW America, we've really enjoyed Alf, Audrey and Billy, especially on road trips, where we can quote them all word for word! It's such a laugh! We've also introduced a few of our American friends to them. We see that we shall miss a show at Parr Hall, Warrington, which was our last home town in England. We both came from St.Helens!

Book David, Kent, UK, said

I First listened to The Bradshaws on County Sound Radio about 10-12 years ago and was addicted immediately. Then I heard nothing for years, when I heard them on Lorraine Kelly's Talk Radio show...I couldn't believe it. Then again they stopped, but thanks to the internet, I have got a whole new way of listening to them and finding out loads about them. Hope it continues forever!

Book Karen Barry, Warrington, UK, said

Been following The Bradshaws for 20 years since Piccadilly Radio. Saw Buzz at The Masonic Hall, Warrington, last week. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Was worried just in case the pictures weren't as good as the one's on the Wireless but couldn't have been better! Trying to book to book to see him at The Lowry. Thanks for 20 years of smiling BUZZ!

Book Richard Yarwood, Oldham, UK, said

First heard the Bradshaws on wireless at work. Tools were downed on daily basis for duration of show. Don't believe the rumour that the three main characters do not really exist! Who is this bloke claiming to be voice of them all? Have over the years been building collection of tapes when finances allow - and will shortly be raiding Oxo tin on top of kitchenette for another. I usually listen to them whilst her indoors black leads the grate or is busy at the tub with her posser. Pleased to anounce new arrival 12 weeks ago. Young chap (William) weighing in at a shade under 12 lbs!

Book John Wilding, Hull, UK, said

I first heard the show when it was broadcast on Talk Radio, back in around 1998. I think that I was doing my G.C.S.E.s at the time. I used to have to get up at about 5:30 in the mornings, and that was when the piece was presented. I would get nervous about school work, but the show helped to calm me down. It's great work. Thank you, Mr. Hawkins.

Book Teresa Nicholson, Hong Kong, said

Heard the Bradshaws on local radio here and think its brilliant!

Book John Rowswell, Australia, said

Keep the good shows going on WOW. I get them taped for me in the UK now.

Book Dave Marland, Wellington, New Zealand, said

I just listened to 'In Their Own Dolly Tub'. It were dead great!

Book Ken Hanson, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, said

Dear Buzz, I have lived in Canada since 1969. My family are still in the Manchester area. My sister introduced me to the Bradshaws. Now I have several of your tapes, and SPREAD your stories where they will be appreciated. Your stories were like a window to another time and another world. You seem to be able to push the right Memory buttons. When ever I am in Manchester I seek out your latest work. Thank you for the journey back in to my past. Keep up the good work!

Book Steve Plowes from Lytham St Annes, UK said

First heard "The Bradshaws" when a young lad I taught brought in a couple of tapes; the class and I listened to it for days, but I could find no excuse for it within the curriculum. Daughter loves it, and I rediscovered it when they played it on "The Bay" at my post-retirement work in Fleetwood. It's THE moment of the week for all of us Old Codgers on the line, and you can hear them laughing all over the workshop when it's on. The pictures do nothing for me, though; I have a clear picture of the entire family in my mind, just like my family when my Dad turned off all the lights when he found the elctricity bill. It's classic radio comedy, in the same vein as "The Goon Show", "Hancock's Half Hour" and "The Al Read Show" - it's so good you can see it all happening. My favourite moment is when Billy comes in stinking; Alf has told him to stand in horse manure to make him grow, and he has filled his wellies with it!

Book Phillip Lomas, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, UK said

I listen to the Brads on Bay Radio every Friday at 1.15pm brilliant! Helps get the weekend here quicker.

Book Ian Bullock, Mossley, UK said

Enjoyed the show last night at Tameside Hippodrome. Made me remember lots of things including walking to school in my clogs and making sparks, or in the snow when you got real high pads of snow under your clogs. Bought the CD's and they are great but couldn't wait for you to come and sign, but great fun. Thanks.

Book Ian McEwen, Bolton, UK said

Saw the show at the Lowry a few weeks back, never seen so many have so much fun whizzing paper planes about the theatre! The show was so good! Keep up the great work.

Book Mike Pelech, Hyde, UK said

I just bought your vol 2 Bradshaws CD off Ashton Market and it dunt arf take me back when my gran borrowed me some tapes years ago. Am gonna start to collect more on CD now.

Book Jim Schofield, Bacup, UK, said

Just popped in to the site to 'ave a gander - looks good! See you all next year at Bacup. Regards Jim, Stage Manager, Royal Court Theatre

Book Scotty from Chorley, UK said

Hi Buzz, just a wee note to say how much we enjoyed the show last night at the Horwich RMI Club. Polly and I have to do our show today on Chorley FM (where The Bradshaws is one of our main features) and our sides are still hurting, so goodness knows how we're going to manage. All the best, Scotty & Polly x 102.8 Chorley FM

Book Terry from Horwich, UK writes

Just a note to say.. a brilliant show at Horwich RMI last night, my wife, son and myself enjoyed it very much. I do believe the 'full house' enjoyed the show. Excellent. The lack of writing implements stopped me putting details on my paper plane. Well done!

Book Gerry Parr of Horwich, UK said

Hello Buzz. When we saw you at the RMI club in Horwich I forgot to ask you what it was like to go to the Moon. Reply and Oblige, Gerry

Book Stacey of Music Radio said

Hi there, well it is nearly that time of year again... I'm talking about Christmas! We here at 247 Music Radio would like you to do a Christmas message for us and you will be able to hear the messages from the 1st of December. On behalf of the staff at 247 Music Radio, I would like to personally thank you all for your support and hard work that you all do with sending your shows to us. Hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas!

Book Roger of London & Salford, UK said

Ow Do Buzz, Hilarious Stuff Ows Knee! Might have been mi quack! Mine missed Id got Parkinsons! Currently doing my impression of Alf in his usual pose. A bad tempered old Salfordian. Worst Still I am stuck in London but if all is well I can move back to Mancunia soon.

Book Gill Storey writes

Hi Billy. Oh yes, please tell your uncle Buzz to get some mugs. I would buy some. I hope your uncle Buzz soon tells you what he as up his sleeves, well apart from his arms ha ha. I hope Father Christmas brings you a budgie, just hope your Dad lets you have one. You didn't have the gold fish long or the kitten. I hope the budgie lasts longer. Make sure you feed it proper bird food and not cornflakes and milk. I am already registered with the corner shop. I will go now, take care and try to be good or father Christmas won't visit you. love from Jill Storey xxxx

Book Paul Johnson of Swansea, UK asks

Hi i am a blind radio presenter working n a comunity radio stayshon in swansea and would love to featchure the bradshaws as a seers once a week on my program havent got anything at the moment but if ok shall do then

Book Steve of Burnley, UK said

I have been listening to the Bradshaws on 2BR, it has now finished. Is there another radio station playing the great trio?

Hi Steve, I think your nearest station may now be Fresh Radio. We're researching at the moment and hope to run a feature about radio stations outputting the stories very soon. It's a shame that 2BR have stopped playing the Bradshaws but, no worries, they'll all want to know when the TV series hits the air

Book Andy of Lancaster, UK said

Do you know if the show Buzz did in Lancaster is available on DVD? They were recording outside but can't find it anywhere

You're right, the show at Lancaster was filmed, along with several other nights on the tour, and is now awaiting editing for a DVD release early in the new year. Bradshaws Team

Book Steven Southworth asks

How can I get hold of the original VHS to watch at home because I can't find them anywhere. I've only got Bent Cigs and Corn Dog and I would like more of them.
Thanks for your email Stephen, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the Live DVD scheduled for early in the new year. Or, much further down the line, the new TV animation that we're working on now. Exciting intit? ~ Bradshaws Team

Book Mike Dawson asks

With your permission we have been playing the Bradshaws on our little radio show for years and have tried once or twice to get Buzz into the studio. Maybe now that the box set is out would be a great time to have a chat with him at his convenience of course. We also have a really popular podcast and itunes channel which gets loads of downloads -

Book John & Matthew Lightfoot from Barrow-in-Furness, UK said

Went to the standup show after first seeing you 2 years ago. Laughed our heads off Brilliant stuff!!! Hopefully 1 day Billy'll get his budgie.
Aye 'n pigs might fly! ~ Alf


Book Stephen of Radcliffe, UK said

The Bradshaws! It is fantastic driving home after a twelve hour shift listening to The Bradshaws. Other people driving in the opposite direction must think I'm off my head when they see me laughing my tree off, obviously they don't listen to them there loss my gain it really cheers my day up. Just fantastic. Don`t ever lose them.

Book Dave Jones & Sue Arnold of Wirral, UK said

Caught the show at New Brighton on the 22nd August FINK YOUR GREAT!. We met you afterwards in the bar you signed our CD's for us. You are one talented person brought back lots of memoryies.
p.s. hwere can we get a zedgie and how about a fan club? best wishes, Sue & Dave

Book Stephen & Kay of Birkenhead, Wirral, UK said

Dear Buzz and the gang. We saw you all last night @ the Floral in New Brighton and haven't had such a laugh in ages. You really are a class act. Keep up the good work. Love to Audrey, Alf, Billy & Michael Morris

Book Carol Chilton, Ilkeston, UK said

Ay up Buzz having only just discovered your fab website I can now say how much I love The Bradshaw family. I think every family had av Alf, Audrey and litlle Billy. Sorry to say as yet I only have the video but have now sent for the limited edition CD and hope to collect the rest. I would love to see one of your shows. Will you be coming to the Midlands? I think folk would love ya down here. Ta ra for now Buzz, can,t wait to hear the CDs. Regards Carol

Book Will, Denny, Scotland said

The Bradshaws, GREAT. Reminds me of my young days when we were poor. To get warm in the winter we would huddle round a candle for a heat. And when it was really freezing, mam would light it. Ahh those days...walking 5 miles to school in the deep snow with no shoes on and it was uphill both ways.

Book Andy Lyth, Leigh, UK said

Saw Buzz on Phoenix Nights, and was glad to see he's still entertaining! Just been listening to the episodes on the website, and remembered how much me and my sister used to love the Bradshaws when we were kids. Memoriiiieees!!!.. Have put a link to your site from my band's website at Thanks for being great! Andy

Book Terry Christian, Manchester, UK said

The Bradshaws should have been on Radio One!

Book Stage & Television Today said

The Bradshaws are set to rule the world!.. KEEP 'EM COMING!

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